NEOTECO’s mission is to become one of Latin America’s leading suppliers of quality HVAC parts coupled with providing friendly service to all of its customers. While not only continuously expanding and evolving its inventory and variety of products, NEOTECO also offers useful technical help and instructions for each of its products to help further educate and service customers with their purchases.


NEOTECO is a manufacturer in air conditioning and refrigeration parts. Starting with motors and electrical components in 2003, NEOTECO has expanded its business to cover all of your components needs such as tools, insulation, compressors, and more. Operating under strict guidelines for quality, each component is manufactured under careful inspection before being sold into the market. NEOTECO has also developed its Research and Development department to bring you up to date technology for efficient quality components at a reasonable price.


NEOTECO goes through multiple testing for many of its products. With its team of specialized engineers, NEOTECO is able to determine whether a product is NEOTECO quality or not. Our engineers examine and test many different products daily to assure the technical quality is of NEOTECO standards.